quinta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2017

Perfect Harmony with Evening Glow - An Interview

Inevitavelmente o indie rock deve tudo aos 80´s, a estética de gente como Smiths, Orange Juice, Cure, Chills, R.E.M. New Order, entre outros , fundiu a mente de muitos garotos que nasceram depois, e isso nunca deixou de acontecer, seja quando a class of 86 apareceu, ou quando a Sarah Records germinou seus garotos, depois ainda vieram o B&S, e uma infinidade de bandas que beberam, ou bebem, nesta fonte.

E não seria nos nossos dias atuais que isso mudaram, certo? Eu mesmo responde, certíssimo!!! Se você procurar no submundo dos bons sons vai encontrar pérolas escondidas, garotos e garotas que moldam seus anseios em urgentes melodias cristalinas, expurgando todos os desejos da transição da vida de um jovem para a temida vida adulta.

Um desses preciosos casos é o quarteto de Chicago, Evening Glow. Uma pulsante coleção de melodias que evocam todos os nomes ali do primeiro parágrafo e outros tantos, por vezes, ao ouvir o viciante EP, "Perfect Harmony", me lembrei do The Bodines, mas você mesmo vai se lembrar de seus prediletos, acredite.

O que vale é que essa chama, continua intensa, e o Evening Glow é um exemplo atual e vibrante disso tudo.

Ah, pode se apaixonar, não fará mal algum.

***** Interview with Evening Glow *****

Q. When did Evening Glow start? Tell us about the history...
Evening Glow started about 2 years ago. We were initially an noise/shoegaze band. Aidan and Aaron are brothers playing guitar and drums since they were kids. They have been playing with River and Vincent for over 8 years in many different bands. We finally decided one day that we should all be playing in the same band and form a 'supergroup' type band. Thus, Evening Glow was formed.

Q: Who are your influences?
Our current influences are The Cure, REM, The Smiths, New Order, Fela Kuti, Talking Heads, Joy Division

Q. Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Top 5 Evening Glow Albums of all time
5. Fela Kuti - Afrodisiac
4. Donna Summer - Bad Girls
3. The Smiths - Queen Is Dead
2. Pulp - Different Class
1. Talking Heads - Remain In Light

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Rushed but always good. We always go up on stage, play for 30-40 minutes of banging songs, little banter, walk off, watch the other bands and talk to people afterwards. People are there to be entertained by your music and forget about life for a while.

Q. How do you describe Evening Glow sounds?
With the latest release "Perfect Harmony EP" we definitely feel it can vary from "Post Punk" to "Dream Pop" sounding. But the icing on top of it all is the Indie aesthetic to it all. One of our friends recently described our music as, "It's like if REM had Stephen Morris (Drummer of Joy Division and New Order) as a drummer"

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Recorded the EP to a 16 track tape machine. We would live track the songs with all of us in a room playing together. Then go back and add all overdubs, vocals and synths later at our home studio. All of the tunes were mixed by Evening Glow as well.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
Alright, if you like our sound and style then you will definitely like some of our other Chicago friends too.

-Check out our friend Beach Bunny who plays sad 'surf pop' and 'power pop' type music. It's genius. We constantly, I mean constantly, bump to all of her songs. https://beachbunny.bandcamp.com/album/crybaby

-Ex Okays are basically a more noisy, louder version of Evening Glow and it's soooo good. . Check out their EP they put out last Winter. https://exokays.bandcamp.com/album/friends

-Lastly our friends Mt Pocono. Check this lovely bunch out. They're making indie shoegaze and it's like someone is massaging your ears while they're performing. They plan on putting an EP out soon which will definitely be in our top 3 albums of local Chicago bands this year. https://www.facebook.com/MtPoconoIL/

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Aaron (the drummer) always says Evening Glow should cover a Smiths song because it would be a challenge to do a good cover of them. Either "This Charming Man" or "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Keep writing the tunes. Experiment as always. Maybe become an Afrobeat band. Or an experimental Hip Hop quartet. We might trade in our guitars for turntables... or for synths and drum machines. Who knows what's next...

But for real, probably put out more singles and another EP in 2018. We want to tour as much as we can here in the United States. Right now we only have the resources to do weekend runs to other cities in our region of the country. If we could tour for months on end and be writing records all of the time, we would quit all of our jobs in a heartbeat. Forget money. As long as we can pay rent and eat Mac n Cheese™ we are happy as we could ever be. Just need to keep putting out good music for all to love and just continue getting a name for ourselves.

Q: Any parting words?
Definitely check out those other bands if you like us. You will like them for sure because they are better than Evening Glow. Thank you for your time if you read this all the way through.
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