quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2018

Stella Diana, "57" - Track by Track

Não é novidade para quem acompanha as páginas do TBTCI que a cena italiana seja, gazer, psych, dark, pós punk, vai muito bem obrigado, ok!

Semanas passam, semanas entram e sempre uma nova e talentosa banda da terra de onde meus ancestrais vieram, aparece.

Mas por hora, é a vez de celebrar o novo álbum de não somente uma das melhores bandas de lá, mas sim da nova cena mundial, o querido Stella Diana.

O trio de Napoli, nos brindou no último dia 25 de Maio com seu mais recente trabalho, com o enigmático título, "57". E o álbum é, talvez, o ponto mais elevado da trajetória do Stella Diana. É em "57" que a beleza gazer e etérea do trio atinge momentos sublimes, ouça "Iris" ou "Harrison Ford"e comprove. Mas o Stella Diana não se prende somente a territórios gazers, os caras são altamente influenciados pelos clássicos do pós punk, e o amor deles por Joy Division e The Cure, fica explícito na intensidade melancólica de "Naos".

"57" é muito mais do que apenas palavras tentando decifra-lo, o disco é para ser apreciado inúmeras vezes, só assim, o ouvinte vai conseguir absorver, e, principalmente se envolver em cada detalhe.

De tempos em tempos obras como "Closer", Disintegration", "Nowhere" são criadas, e "57" chega sequenciar esse seleto grupo de pérolas.

Ah, obviamente que para preciosidades como "57" o TBTCI, e você precisam ir a fundo, para isso o Stella Diana disseca abaixo faixa a faixa de sua obra prima.


***** Stella Diana, "57" - Track by Track *****

The title of this album is very symbolical. five are our official albums, but if we also include two self-produced albums, then there are seven. apart form this, number 5 represents the Pentagon, the five pointed star, five senses, and the polymath.

NUMBER 7 is the seven ancient planets discovered by the ancient astronomy, the Menorah as the seven-lamp decribed in the bible, the Seven deadly sins and also the seven virtues...we can go on forever, but we'd like that people discover by themselves the hidden meanings of these two numbers.

LURINE RAE The title comes from the female character in the philip dick's novel "deus irae". i'm a big fan of Dick and i like to pay homage to him. the song is a classical pop song, short, full of shoegazing guitars and powerful. very funny to play live. the lyrics come from a dream i did years ago

Naos brings out our post punk side and our love for bands like joy division.

The second single with the official video. As always happens to us, there is no relationship between the title and the lyrics. iris is a vortex, a wall, a set of sensations. an elusive feminine figure suggests that perfection is represented by the number 3, but the rest of the lyrics emphasize the difficulty of communication between people.

HARRISON FORD I don't know why i called it that, maybe cause i love harrison ford and his characters: deckard, indy and han solo. this song too, as lurine rae, is very short and pop; a sort of a delicate ballad, very romantic. a romanticism that clashes with me singing "promise to me that the world is to end" it seemed to me a cool thing playing with this contrast.

LUDWIGLudwig? maybe for ludwig van beethoven or ludwig II of Bavaria the swan king. in both cases two persons i love. i don't know why, but the melody reminds me something from warpaint, the guitar or the voice's melody. i'm not sure. anyway, it's a very hypnotic song with this final explosion

ELAINEIt is clear now. we love the cinema and some movies are for us a great source of inspiration. elaine is the daughter of mrs robinson from mike nichols' movie "the graduate". infact the track opens and ends with two sampling from the movie. i think this song has a deep tension, above all in the first part before the final chorus. i love the guitar solo and the cello.

DO ANDROIDSThe title it's a quote of "do androids dream of electric sheep?" and the entire song has this cyberpunk spirit, a futuristic afflatus. we composed it thinking about a dark city wrapped in perpetual rain. we love shoegaze but we are trying to do our personal version of this genre, a blend of obscure and estranging shoegaze.

MRS DARLINGI was listening slowdive's pygmalion when i composed the guitar melody. i was seeking something of suspended, slow, lazy. the second part reminds me the explosion of a star. this song is our way to play shoegaze.

DER SANDMANN The first single. this track doesn't come out from the typical sound of stella diana. we tried to create something that could give an imagine of an interrupted line, an unreal flux of sounds. the lyrics talk about a sort of lady, a girl as the girls painted into the Pre-Raphaelite paintings. a pure rapresentation of joy, mistery, beauty and grace. what is beautiful should be preserved as a sacred fire and, at the same time, you must be careful of this fire...

LOST CHILDREN As a tradition, every final song in each album is totally extemporary and improvised. it's been composed during the last recording session. it's a kind of march with a circular and alienated melody.