sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2018

Everything Will Be Fine with Tapeworms - An Interview

E, esta semana os franceses literalmente dominaram as páginas do TBTCI, depois da grata surpresa barulhenta com o Kill The Moose, chegou a vez de ser destaque por aqui o trio de Liile, Tapeworms.

Barulhentos mas com os sonhos em distorção no DNA, o Tapeworms, pega a dissonância da escola Sonic Youth de barulho aliada a fritação sonhadora do MBV e joga tudo num caldeirão e voilá a receita esta perfeitamente completa.

Sonoramente eles se conectam muitas vezes com o Autolux, principalmente ao se degustar o mais novo EP deles, "Everything Will Be Fine", uma bordoada bem no centro do crânio, mas com espaço para flutuar também.

E ainda tem gente que não existe nada novo que preste, pobres coitados, essas pessoas precisam ser amordaçadas e serem submetidas a sessões de Tapeworm, quem sabe assim mudem de opinião.

Escute alto.

***** Interview with Tapeworms *****

Q. When did Tapeworms begin? Tell us about the history...
Margot - We started the band about two years ago. At first, Theo and I were playing in his room in Lille, recording ourselves on a small cassette tape player and dealing with an online drum machine. Eliott, Théo’s brother plays drums since he was 8 so we though it would be nice to play with him rather than with a drum machine that kept fluctuating with the wi-fi connection issues… So we just started to rehearse, on Sundays in their grandma attic. It just felt right and easy playing all together so we decided to go a bit further.

Theo - First songs we played were covers of Bon Voyage, Sparklehorse and Drop Nineteens. We were pretty bad at playing other bands songs, so we decided to write our own songs and see if it would be better ! Tapeworms really started at this moment.

Q: Who are your influences?
Eliott - Even though we all share a common music background I do not really listen to the kind of music we are playing with Tapeworms. I am more into hip-hop or jazz inspired bands like BADBADNOTGOOD or Lushlife.

Théo - I am surely influenced by 90’s noise bands like My Bloody Valentine or Smashing Pumpkins, they definitely marked my teenage years. Now, I’m really into experimental pop bands, like Cornelius, Deerhoof, Blonde Redhead or Pram. Bands that write unusual pop songs, where everything sounds complex and so simple at the same time, with too many good ideas. I like it when the best ideas seems effortlessly. I also love Moonshake, a genius band. They changed a lot of thing for me.

Margot - I am into a lot of lo-fi stuff like Astrobrite, Swirlies, Medicine or Sparklehorse, I like their sound with a bit of crazy, noisy experimentation but still catchy melody. I am also into heavier bands like Dinosaur Jr or Helmet. I love Toko Yasuda and all what she did with Enon, The Lapse or Blonde Redhead. Also I wish I could write like Daniel Johnston and scream like Godzilla.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
If all of us had to agree on the same 5 best albums of all time that would be :

Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
Blonde Redhead - 23
Broadcast - The Noise Made by People
Autolux - Future Perfect

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Eliott - Actually for me it’s the best part in making music. I like the idea of being exposed to the audience judgment. Being on stage, hitting the drums the louder I can and trying to do my best is the best feeling !

Théo - As we are three, it took some time to find a heavy and powerful sound without feeling something was missing but I think we are getting better and better as we know better what each of us is able to do.

Margot - So scary at first, it was really new for me ! But it’s getting more and more exciting and funny ! It’s a crazy experience actually, the alchemy of getting on stage just the three of us, doing our stuff, connected. I think I do really like it now, sometimes I even miss being on stage.

Q. How would you describe Tapeworms´ sounds?
Theo - It’s a great sum up of the three of us. Adult themes seen through child eyes. A lot of distortion, with groovy and heavy-compressed drums parts. Between all this, Margot and I quiet voices.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Margot - We recorded the last EP during summer 2017. We started with drums in grandma attic. We borrowed mics to a lot of our friends so we didn’t have to spend a lot of money. Then, we recorded bass and guitar parts in our room, same with vocals. In fact, all songs on Everything Will Be Fine are basically demos.

Theo - During all the recording and mixing process, Margot used a little voice recorder to catch a lot of ambient sounds. Mostly city sounds, like traffic, elevator or subway. We mixed them with the original songs or created new ones, I think it adds a lot to the EP atmosphere. It reflects where we were, and what we felt at that moment.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
Eliott - No Joy, Death Of Pop, Denzel Curry, Ringo Deathstarr or George Clanton are some of our favorite new artists doing interesting stuff.

There are also a lot of French new bands like Aneth Penny, La Peste, T/O, Th Da Freaks, Albinos Congo or En Attendant Ana, part of Buddy Records Label.

We’re also part of Collectif Nothing, that promotes French scene with great bands like La Houle.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Margot - Our latest cover was Save Me by Remy Zero. Next time we would love to make one of Helmet.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Theo - Definitely to tour more and further, maybe to make an album which means also getting better and crazier at writing songs.

Q: Any parting words?
Cook better, take more time to watch great movies and keep our plants alive.

And also many thanks to our friend Clement Fortin, the fourth wheel of Tapeworms, who mixed and mastered our EP, to the coolest Buddy Record and Dirty Slap Record for their great work and their help.