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Kaktusz by derTANZ - An Interview

Art Noise, No Wave, essa é a paranoia musical chamada derTANZ, diretamente de Budapeste para agredir os tímpanos dos iniciados, o album Kaktusz é daqueles de fazer Steve Albini e Michael Gira abrirem um sorriso de ponta a ponta, pra fãs de Current 93.

O contato imediato entre derTANZ e o TBTCI aconteceu ao acaso e dai meus caros,Kaktusz vire e mexe faz parte dos abusos sonoros que perpetuam o dial deste que vos escreve.

Tipo o derTANZ é a tipica banda que agradara aos mas perversos e insanos amigos, tipicamente uma banda que não faria feio a qualquer set list do ROUGH! sim sim, o programa do mestre das insanidades Mr. Ricardo Bola.

Vai a entrevista pra que todos sintam o drama do negócio.

***** Interview with derTANZ *****

Q. When did derTANZ starts, tell us about the history...
Gábor: We’ve started derTANZ at the end of 2009. Around that time I was singing in an electroclash band, what was my first musical attempt, and I really enjoyed it for a while, but it was all about pop, glitters and synthesizers, and my inspirations are always coming from a wider scale. Basically I have a strange attraction to the so called darker elements of life. I should say these things aren’t dark at all, but true. I think most of the people are missing the point and confusing sadness with beauty. Truth is beautiful, but truth is a seldom seen thing, and this is what actually makes you sad. There’s so much lie out there. So I wanted to say something about the weekdays, not only the weekends. Musically it meant something more instrumental, guitar based thing for me, and that became the derTANZ. With the first set-up/Bálint Tisch-Márton Tornyos- and me) we still used drum machines and synthesizers, but at the same time we started to use live basses and guitars, and the music was somewhere between post-punk and new wave. But then former members quit, and Árpi came and brought his really open minded attitude with a lot of noise and improvisation, and the transformation has begun. On the summer of 2011 we decided that we’re moving toward as a trio (Ákos Tornyos on drums, Árpád Gulyás on bass, and me on vocals), so step by step the whole thing turned into something radically different than the beginning.

Q: Who are your influences?
Árpi: I was really into noise rock at the early 90’s, grew up with the bands of Sub Pop and Touch N’ Go records for example The Jesus Lizard, Gos Of Kermeur, Ted Milton And The Blurt. I’m also really like the classical Warp records sound with Oval or Autechre. Nowadays I’m listening a lot of classical music, Béla Bartók, John Cage, Steve Reich.

Ákos: Mainly so called free music like Zu, Sun Ra, Mats Gustafsson, Lightning Bolt, and some dirty zippy stuff like Primus, Grinderman.

Gábor: When I was a kid I used to listen to electronic music, mostly house and techno, maybe Radiohead was the first “real” band which made a great affect on me as the way they mixing guitars and electronics. Then I started to pile up different kinds of experimental music from early post punk, no wave, and noise records to free jazz. I’m a huge Swans fan for example. Currently I’m listening to soundtracks, drone and ambient music like Howard Shore, Popol Vuh, Kevin Drumm, The Haxan Cloak, Ensemble Pearl, some extreme metal (Brutal Truth, Converge, Ulcerate, Meshuggah etc…), and I’m really lost in Scott Walker and Current 93.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
VHK - A halál móresre tanítása
Full Blast - Black Hole
The Thing - Two bands and a legend
Shellac - At Action Park
Európa Kiadó - Mi így vonulunk be

Skeleton Crew-The Country of Blinds
Goz of kermeur-Mythoman
John Coltrane, Rashied Ali-Interstellar Space
Ted Milton Blurt-Magic moments

Scott Walker - The Drift
Swans - Public Castration Is A Good Idea
Converge: Jane Doe
The Birthday Party - Mutiny/The Bad Seed
Current 93: Anok Pe: Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain

Q. How do you fell playing alive?
Gábor: For me it’s a very physical experience, I could suggest it to a trip where I’m the travel guide of a landscape beyond everything, innermost and outermost at the same time.

Árpi: I’m enjoying it a lot; sometimes it is so intense that it scares me.

Ákos: If it’s good it’s very good, if it’s shit it’s totally shit, if it’s mediocre it doesn’t worth it at all.

 Q. How do you describe derTANZ sounds?
Árpi. We’re improvising a lot, so the place determines our structural choices. Our sound is a result of a living, organic process.

G: Sometimes it’s punk, sometimes it’s metal rarely waltz, but it’s always raw and minimal, and on the top of this monotone dissonant carpet the vocal is dancing like a one-legged priest.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
G: We recorded the album in an empty post socialist community house at Érsekvadkert. This is a small village at North Hungary, where Árpi is living, and this is the county where we’re from.

Ákos: The whole place has a very unique abandoned atmosphere with a lot of weird character. It has this Black lodge (Twin Peaks) feeling what very inspirational. So we just put the equipment on the stage, pulled In the curtains and pushed the rec. button. It was a one and a half day long session.

 Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Árpi: From Hungary be sure to check out Broken Cups, Ship Arriving Too Late to Save A Drowning Bitch and Buster Keaton. From the rest of the world our personal favorite newbie is Metz.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Ákos: Maybe a Screamin Jay Hawkins or a Can cover could be fun.

 Q: What´s the plans for future....
Árpi: We want to play live as much as we could; we’re trying to book gigs for the summer in Hungary and all over Europe.

G: We’re planning to make some recording sessions in an artificial cave which is actually a part of a land art project. There is a special place for music with small cell and holes in the wall which has the same effect as the pick ups on a guitar, so the whole space works like a huge natural amplifier, very exciting.

Q: Any parting words?
G: You’re never close enough to things.
Thanks Guys