terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2018

Klammer, "You Have Been Processed" - Track by Track

O quarteto de Leeds, Reino Unido, Klammer, já devidamente conhecido pelos frequentadores das páginas do TBTCI, soltaram no submundo dos bons sons, seu novo trabalho há exatos quatro dias atrás.

"You Have Been Processed", o álbum, segue o caminho percorrido pelos caras, iniciado no álbum homônimo de 2016, um pós punk ríspido como nos velhos tempos, evocando fantasmas de Modern English, The Sound e outros, o Klammer visita as sombras mas sem exaltar a escuridão em sua plenitude.

O pós punk dos caras é o mais clássico dos clássicos, com a combinação baixo/bateria guiando sisudamente o andamento das canções.

Para fãs do gênero é absolutamente indispensável, e para os que não são, pode ser uma grande introdução, de qualquer maneira, seus criadores a convite do TBTCI penetraram na espinha dorsal de "You Have Been Processed" revelando seus mistérios e segredos.

Escute alto, preferencialmente a noite.

***** Klammer, "You Have Been Processed" - Track by Track *****

Steve: I’m not sure where songs come from really. I come up with a riff or some chords and then suddenly I have a finished song starting back at me on my computer. The bit in between the initial idea and a finished song is a blur, they just come out!I think this is the most consistent album we have done so far.

Poss: I have a “scratchpad” of ideas for the lyrics. Most of the time I will have just one line or a phrase which I have heard, sometimes an item on the TV might spark an idea.

Coast To Coast
Poss: This was a partly finished song to which I set the words about people lost abroad or at sea, I started with the phrase of “washed away, washed away….” and built it from there. As usual, Steve and I did the arrangement and, as usual, I made him swap the music which he said was the verses with the ones he insisted were the choruses!

Steve: I definitely got more into doing backing vocals on this record than on previous ones.

Modern God
Steve: The first single off the album. I came up with the idea for the video as I was falling asleep one night.

Poss: This was a late addition to the album really. I had the full lyrics written for over a year but was waiting for the right music to set them to.

No Memory
Poss: I think we decided at some point to start a song with little or no music and just the vocals. The words came about because I’m really bad at remembering names and faces which is embarrassing when they obviously remember me very well!

Spiral Girl
Steve: The second single of the album and probably the most ‘pop’ we’ll ever get!

Poss: Yes! Our first “Pop” song! I’d been to stay in a big Victorian Hotel one weekend, the weather was wet and the sky was dark. The hotel was quite run down in places so that’s the “faded seaside glamour”, I just imagined that some of the elderly residents being in their youth and living and loving life to the full.

Mechanical Boy
Steve: I’ve started to experiment with different guitar tunings, this one and Human Clay are tuned to DADGAD.

Poss: A song about a wasted life!!!

Baddest Blocks
Poss: This is proving to be a popular song in our live set. A reviewer said that I looked as though I’d been brought up in the “Baddest Blocks” of Leeds! There had been a lot of news around the tower block fire and gangs running around with knives and the words just came together one morning while I was walking and listening to the tune Steve had written.

Steve: It was originally written to be the B-Side for Spiral 7”, but then we realised it was too good not to be on the album.

Poss: I wanted handclaps in the chorus but it wasn’t to be!!!

Steve: From a very old bit of music idea that I had hanging around, I’d originally written it on keyboards! It came to life as soon as I put the Fender VI on it and I replace all the keybaords with guitars. The only Klammer song where the low bass plays the same thing through the whole song!

Common Sense
Steve: Musically it was finished before the 2nd album (Klammer) but we never quite got the vocals finished. Since then, we just kept revisiting it until Poss came up with the vocal melody.

Poss: It took me forever to write a vocal melody to this song, I had writer’s block with it! I kept saying it would have to be an instrumental but I guess I got there in the end…

‘Twas But a Magpie
Poss: This song has a life of it’s own when we play it live, it’s a beast! I was reading a lot of American stuff at the time but even I’m not entirely sure what I’m saying in the lyrics. Hopefully it’s one of those songs where the listener can interpret it their own way?

Steve: The first song I wrote on my Fender VI Baritone guitar

Human Clay
Steve: Another one in DADGAD tuning on the guitar

Poss: A song about lost youth and manipulation.

Poss: I wrote the lyrics in Berlin right after visiting the DDR Museum and Hansa Studios. I still have the first draft of the song written on 2 Bavarian beermats!!!

Steve: My original idea was to try something like PJ Harvey would do with a very empty intro and first verse and then to get heavier as the song goes on.

A Long Cold Summer
Poss: Well I got that wrong!!! It’s been a veritable HEATWAVE in the UK this year!!!

The words are about how someone that you think you know intimately can slowly and irreversibly change until you no longer know them at all.

Steve: Another song written on my Fender VI, it makes me write riffs rather than chords!