quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

Shot by Both Sides with Free Electric State - An Interview


Free Electric State é um nome certamente desconhecido até para os mais descolados, mas o TBTCI em parceria com a Custom Made Music tem revelado ao mundo bandas daquelas de se impressionar a primeira audição. É o caso do Free Electric State, comboio pos punk com grandes influências d kraut condensando suas influências e esporrando canções esquizofrênicas e densas.

Monumental Life é o album dos caras, uma cacetada literalmente, noise tenso e com tons curtidos em cinza, distorções intermináveis em contra ponto com aquele baixo tipicamente ritmado e durissimo, tipicamente aquele lance Gang of Four, Magazine, PIL que é motivo de adoração aqui no TBTCI.

Dave Alisson o chefão da Custom Made Music mostrou a banda ao TBTCI e não houve como não se render a Free Electric State, e obvio que a entrevista era uma questão de tempo, e não demorou nada absolutamente nada.

Corra atras do seu exemplar deste Monumental Life porque é uma preciosidade sem tamanho.

***** Interview with Free Electric State *****


Q: Who are your influences?
DK: Most of the bands from the Post-Punk era and Krautrock. Bands like Joy Division, Magazine, The Cure, CAN, NEU!, Kraftwerk, etc...
SH: Motown, Post-Punk, World Beat. Also, Patti Smith and Radiohead.

Q: 5 Albums of All Time?
DK & SH:
CAN – Ege Bamyasi
Gang of Four – Entertainment
Joy Division – Closer
John Coltrane – Blue Train
Radiohead – OK. Computer

Q: How do you feel when playing live?
SH: Like its the most fun thing to do ever.
Q: How do you describe Free Electric State's sound?
DK: Psychedelic Noise Rock.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the new album, 'Monumental Life'.
SH: It was a pleasure working with Rob Girardi, who has produced Beach House, Double Dagger and Arbouretum. He really helped us to strip away unnecessary sounds or ideas. Also, we wrote one song while in the studio, from scratch. That was very exciting to do.

DK: We spent 5 days in Baltmore tracking and 3 days of vocals. We then let Rob have his way with mixing the music. We ended up mixing the record twice to get the final result which we were quite pleased with. Rob used vintage mics and unconventional micing techniques to capture our expansive sound.


Q:Which new bands can you recommend?
DK: Shirlé and I recently moved back to Baltimore and have really been soaking up the music scene here with such great bands as Lower Dens, Beach House, Roomrunner, Dope Body, Lands and Peoples, Celebration, Arbouretum.

SH: We've also been listening to Disappears (Steve Shelly from Sonic Youth's new band), Liars and Peaking Lights.

Q: What bands would you like to do a cover of?
DK: We've often talked about covering Brian Eno's “Baby's On Fire” and also Romeo Void's “ Never Say Never”.

Q: What are your future plans?
SH: Since David and I have moved back to Baltimore and Tony and Nick are still living in North Carolina we will be focusing on trying to be a dual-city band. Writing long distance is going to be a big factor in how and what we create over the next year, that and playing shows to promote 'Monumental Life'.

Q: Any parting words?
DK & SH: We would LOVE to play in Brazil! Let's make that happen! Thanks so much for listening to our music.
Thanks FES and Dave Alisson