segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

The Sight of You with Presents For Sally

O que dizer do novissimo 7" do delicioso Presents for Sally? Eu poderia logicamente, escrever que é daqueles compactos que se tornarão prediletos, dreampop dos anjos, cantarolante, assoviante, delirante, emocionante, e mais uma cacetada de adjetivos que enalteceriam Anything Anymore e A Thousand Ways to Say Goodbye, o peso das guitarras chega a ser tão leve e pungente que qualquer maior comentário seria desnecessário, daí pensei, já que meu amigo Matt Etherton me enviou o material, pedi a ele que fizesse exclusivamente ao TBTCI um track by track para ai sim, as explicações sobre estas duas perolas do dreampop sejam melhor explicadas. Amigos Anything Anymore por Presents for Sally.

Track by Track
Anything Anymore 7" by Matt Etherton

Anything Anymore: An instrumental version of this was first demoed quite a while ago, it was mainly just improvised over a loop of the delayed guitar you hear at the very beginning which plays behind the whole track until the end.

After the rest of the instruments were added it was a few months again until we went back to it. I think it always felt like it had a lot of potential but was nearly scrapped as we were working on new things but once Anna put her vocals on it automatically seemed like it should be the first single to proceed all the new stuff.

People often ask what the lyrics are about of songs but I don’t tend to write about just one subject per song. Usually there’s a few lines here and there which mean something and the next few will be about something completely different, I don’t think I have ever written lyrics and then wrote the music for them, it’s always the other way round, music first and then words.

A Thousand Ways To Say Goodbye: We had messed around with the opening chords on this for a while just playing them over and over and when recording it struggled to get it to sound as noisy and raw as it was sounding live. In the end we ended up recording 3 or 4 guitars all playing the same thing but made sure all the levels were turned up so they were kind of competing against each other which created the sound that some were cutting out and clipping but it worked and was the closest it got to the sound I had in my head. We also shortened the breakdown in the middle which at times went on for about 10 minutes just building up with noises and sounds but I think we got it right in terms of shortening it for the single.

Once all the music was recorded I literally sung a vocal over the top live so I had it recorded and wouldn’t forget how I wanted it to go but it sounded ok so it was double tracked again in one take and that was literally what you hear on the record. It’s definitely a harder and rawer song that anything we have recorded before I think but as we have been told, it still sounds like Presents for sally which is the most important thing. It’s hard to have a sound all of your own these days so it means a lot that so many people say we have found one.