quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Psychotic Reaction with Singapore Sling - An Interview

Patrimonio absoluto da recente cena alternativa noise, psicodelica, shoegazer, os islandeses do Singapore Sling construiram uma imagem como poucos conseguem, trilhando passos a´la J&MC e outros rockers outsiders de plantão, eles resgataram a crueza e o estilo rock´n´roll envoltos a maxima, sexo, drogas e rock´n´roll o Singapore Sling é bem isso, tudo do melhor das surf bands 50´s e 60´s, Stooges, Cramps, J&MC e MBV em volume maximo, eu como sou fanatico por essas coisas é obvio que sou viciado nesses caras, e para ficar mais bacana ainda, nada melhor do que uma entrevista diretamente com os caras. Pegue seu drink, aumente o som e saiba o porque, quando e onde tudo começou e é claro os proximos passos, Sras e Srs, Singapore Sling:

***** Interview with Singapore Sling *****

Q. When did Singapore Sling form, tell us about the beginning…
A. I had been writing music and recording it on four track for some time, and didn´t quite know what to do with it. Then I met Einar, who I knew was a guitar player, and we became friends. I played him the stuff I´d recorded and he loved it, so we formed a band so we could play it live. It was just a bunch of friends, always been like that although the line-ups have changed.

Q. What are the band’s influences?
A. Well.. all the great stuff I have ever loved is an influence. Suicide, Link Wray, The Velvet Undergound, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Loop, Spacemen 3... etc. Surf and kraut-rock.

Q. What´s your top five albuns from all time?
A. The Ultimate 50s and 60s rockin horror disc is one of my favourites. There´s a few great compilations out there that I love, like Songs The Cramps taught us, Rockabilly psychosis and the garage disease....

I have hardly listened to anything but Link Wray since last summer, the early recordings. The Cramps Psychedelic Jungle, Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide´s first, White Light/White Heat by the Velvet Underground... Jamboree by Beat Happening, Autobahn by Kraftwerk. There´s a lot of great stuff.. this springs to mind right now.

Q. Tell us about the recording process for the new album and what´s the difference between Perversity Desperation And Death from the others?
A. Well.. the first record was recorded mostly with a live band foundation. The second one in different ways. The third one recorded by me on 8-track and for the last one I had my own pro tools to work on. So there weren´t any demos made. I just worked on the original takes. Mostly it was recorded with a drum machine providing rythm, then Bjössi (the drummer) drummed over it. Also some live stuff.... unfortunately when and where we were doing the live stuff, we had a big flood. A lot of stuff got soaked, like my old 8-track, so I lost the songs I had on there.

Q, In your opinion what´s Singapore sling´s best album, song?
A. Well, I think they get better with each album. Still, maybe Taste The Blood... Favourite song, let me think... Well, I guess I´ve written a lot of good songs. It´s hard to choose. The songs I wrote with Hákon (guitar player) are all favourites (Long Past Crazy, Blues in Black, Demoniac).

Q. Most of people consider Singapore Sling a cult band, what´s your opinion about it?
A. Singapore Sling can probably be considered a cult band.

Q. Tell us about the shows, what´s the feeling?
A. Well, its different between shows. We always give a great performance if we are comfortable with the sound.. And therefor enjoy it. We always appreciate the crowds, our fans.

Q. Which songs by other bands would you like to do cover versions of?
A. We have done Evil Hoodoo by the Seeds and My Baby Cried All Night Long by Lee Hazlewood.. and some others. I always enjoy playing rockabilly and surf covers. Can´t think of anything right now.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. I recommend my own projects The Go-Go Darkness, Hank and Tank, and Dead Skeletons. And Hákon´s project The Third Sound, and Bíbí´s project Blanket of Death. I recommend The Meek. I recorded an EP with them last fall... it should be released this spring. Also The Virgin Tongues who I have been recording with. And The Two Step Horror.

Q. What are the plans for the future?
A. This summer we will release an EP. I am also working on different projects.

Q. Any important news to tell us
A. Perversity is now available to download in Brazil! We will keep our fans posted on myspace.

Best wishes,

Henrik Björnsson

Thanks Henrik, long live to Singapore Sling...