domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

Pleamar with Orquídea - An Interview

Lima, Peru, já nos brindou com uma das maiores belezas surgidas pós Slowdive, estou falando do Resplandor, para os iniciados em shoegazing, uma daquelas prediletas desde sempre, o clássico Pleamar foi um dos grandes álbuns lançados em 2008.

E seguindo a trilha do Resplandor, chega a nossos ouvidos Abril o debute dos peruanos do Orquídea, chego a arriscar que daqui uns anos ele terá a mesma importância que tem o Pleamar, Navegando logicamente por nuances de um wall of sound extremamente influência não somente por Resplandor mas é claro temos montes de Slowdive e o Orquídea não nega suas influências, a banda as condensa e as atualiza, dando a cara dos novos tempos ao shoegazing, como eu costumo dizer, shoegazer at the top.

***** Interview with Orquídea *****

Q. When did Orquidea starts, tell us about the history ...
Orquidea begins in 2003 as a project of Abdel de la Cruz, experiencing more ethereal sounds, but with influences dreem pop of the era and the growing scene Limeña capital of bands with modern influences, in 2004 came to light "Translucent" the first work of the band with a cut dreem pop and recorded entirely by Abdel, which had good reviews on radios, magazines of the period and the total edition taken independently sold to live performances and had the support of Raul Begazo that was part of Orquidea and took the initiative to launch a second album for the year 2014, ten years later, which was recorded in his home studio and edited by HYPE RECORDS Lima all songs were recorded by Raul, with a sound more shoegazing and with the support of guest musicians.

Q: Who are your influences?
The influences are many but can rescue the work of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, national “Resplandor” band, Ride, and Japanese shoegazer of Lemon's chair and Cosmicdust

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time ...
1-Loveless, My Bloody Valentine
2 Souvlaki Slowdive
3 Demos, Bright channel
4 Dynamo, Soda Stereo
5- Ambar, Resplandor

Q. How do you fell playing alive?
The live performances with the band make me feel the most precious of all musicians, the satisfaction of sharing your art and express it in the way that we like, the shrill sound of guitars and other instruments complement the excitement of communicating with people they came to see you live, it's always a different experience in each presentation.

Q. How do you describe sounds Orquidea's?
The sound of Orquidea is highly influenced by shoegazer 90, with strong, loud guitars, distant voices, ethereal sounds and some great force on their instruments, using some electronics and programming.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
All 12 songs from the album in my personal studio recording: "Carmina Home Studio" in Arequipa, south of Peru, for which use everything in my power and get the sound he wanted for the album, all the virtually hard six months recording and was finally carried HYPE Records in Lima where industrial production disc was made, we have the post production and dissemination of "the Blog of Bam" Mauricio Miranda, who was in charge of the arts disk and marketing it via internet.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
I like bands that are giving a personalized style and dreempop shoegazer, through the ruidismo, such as the case of the Italians of "Snow in mexico" by Chileans "Trementina" Brazilian "Bella Infanta" and Peruvians "Puna"

Q: Which bands you love to made ​​a cover version?
We performed a cover of the legendary Irish band MBV, with the theme "Only Shallow" with guest singer Jessica Lobon, a song personally under the style of music of my choice in the nineties.

Q: What's the plans for future ....
We look forward to a near future to introduce our music to achieve national and Latin American market, with live shows and release an album on vinyl, get two promotional videos over the disk that should be coming out later this month and position in the scene shoegazer Orquidea

Q: Any parting words?
We thank Renato interview, we hope to submit material to Brazil, a country that has supported Orquidea before the record comes out, as the case of online radio "Antena Cero" of Sao Paulo, and a huge greeting for your beautiful country .
Thanks Rául