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Their Satanic Majesties Request with Magic Castles - An Interview

Vamos fazer o seguinte, antes de continuar a ler o que virá abaixo, vai no youtube e veja/ouca All of my Prayers, daí volte e vamos adiante.....

Eles já abriram muitos shows do BJM, algumas pessoas referem-se a eles como uma fusão de John Densmore, Sterling Morrisson, Dean Wareham e Neil Young em conjunto, são na verdade uma batalhão, um pelotão armado único e exclusivamente com doses cavalares de psych, é eu sei, psych é algo que o TBTCI exalta, mas não se deixe enganar, abencoados por Anton, e dentro do cast da Cargo Records, aos desavidados a gravadora do Sr. Newcombe, bom se você ainda esta escutando All of My Prayers, certamente já mergulhou por completo nestas linhas, que pouco podem fazer a não ser exaltar tamanha catarse sonora, lenta e viciante, um mantra, uma religião, um dogma, ah sim, esqueci por completo, eles se chama Magic licenca que minha viagem ainda esta em andamento....

***** Interview with Magic Castles *****

Q. When did Magic Castles starts, tell us about the history…
As far back as I can remember I have been overcome with melodies and songs floating around in my brain, by 2005 it got to a point where they were practically bursting out of my mind. I went to SXSW in Austin, Texas that year and I saw Mike Wexler, Gris Gris, Psychic Ills, Dead Meadow, VietNam, Tomorrow’s Friend, and a bunch of other awesome bands. I went back home to MN and immediately quit the band I was in and started writing what eventually became Magic Castles songs on a 4trk cassette recorder. I put together a band and we started playing our first little shows in 2007, our first album was self-released in 2008. We released two more albums in 2009. All three albums were very limited and sold out quickly. In 2010 Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre heard our songs and contacted us about records he releases, and we agreed to release a compilation of out-of-print material on his imprint “A” Records. This eponymous compilation was eventually released in spring of 2012 and we toured as support for The Brian Jonestown Massacre later that summer. We toured the west coast in 2013 and finished recording a new album, its coming out on “A” Records this spring, I’m very excited about it.

Q: Who are your influences?
So many. All the bands I mentioned already. In high school I was fascinated by the "alternative" bands that were not grunge like MBV, Ride, Mazzy Star, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies. In 1996 I was introduced to Slowdive & Mojave 3, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and Spectrum, Galaxie 500 & Luna, Stereolab, High Llamas. That was a great year. Also, old British 60s like Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things’ album S.F. Sorrow and classics like VU, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks etc. lots of West Coast bands old and new. Lots of weird experimental / pop like Skygreen Leopards and all the Jewelled Antler Collective bands, Fursaxa and Tower Recordings and all of those affiliated artists. These bands were each influential in various ways, each one played a role in my musical and spiritual growth at that specific time.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
In no order, Spiritualized “Lazer Guided Melodies” Brian Jonestown Massacre “Give it Back” Stereolab “Peng!” My Bloody Valentine “Loveless” Velvet Underground & Nico

Q. How do you feel playing alive?
I love playing live and if I could tour endlessly I would. There is something magical and beautiful about playing music with your friends, when you hit that sweet spot and everyone is on, it's beautiful.. I used to get nervous before a show, and sometimes I still do, but after years of playing live, almost everything I was ever afraid of going wrong up on stage has gone wrong, at some point, and what I learned is that it is ok. It doesn't have to be perfect. We give it our all and do our collective best when we play live and I think that is what's important. the energy of it all. The raw real-ness. I'm not afraid of mistakes anymore, there was a time when I would be devistated if something went astray. It feels better to ride the waves and let it rip

Q. How do you describe Magic Castles sounds?
Neo-psychedelic rock band but we are definitely doing our own thing. We are original and not derivative. My intention is to make epic and timeless music that transcends current fads and trends. I trust the listener to be willing to travel with us to new places. I create the soundtrack to an imaginary world, and that world becomes real, and we can get together and hang out there

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
I am very introverted in my studio time creating songs. I am most effective working alone. I will often go to the studio, and spend all night working on songs, going from instrument to instrument creating and recording on pro tools. When I have something I like, I present the song to the band and teach them the parts or let them come up with their own ideas within the given framework. We don't stick to any one way of anything, but ideally we re-record my demos as a band professionally in a studio

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
As you know, there are a lot of great bands in Minneapolis who have gained national attention, like Flavor Crystals, Chatham Rise, Is/Is, they all make living in this town a little sweeter. Lately I have been loving Loop, Singapore Sling, Dead Skeletons and I saw Goat last year they were amazing.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version? we always cover Spacemen 3 for fun, but it would be fun to do some old classic lost psych like Sky Children by Kaleidoscope

Q: What´s the plans for future....
We have a new record out in the spring, so I'm co-ordinating everything regarding that. In the fall I would love to tour Europe, we'll see. I would like to set up a website online; a place for people to easily purchase Magic Castles merchandise. My bandmate might release a solo album, and I've been playing with some friends in a band called Dead Gurus. We're keeping busy.

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks for the interview, maybe one day we can tour Brazil. Have fun with the World Cup this year, I will be there in spirit!
Thanks Jason