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Over and Over with Ceremony - An Interview

Em 07/03/2010, o TBTCI publicava uma histórica entrevista com John Fedowitz e Paul Baker e o grandioso Ceremony.

De lá pra cá os caras lancaram um dos melhores albuns dos últimos tempos, o Rocket Fire, e o culto à família Skywave, leia-se Ceremony e APTBS cresceu monstruosamente ao redor dos quatro cantos do mundo, o que é nada mais justo e correto por parte do universo, uma vez que o Skywave e os dois rebentos foram os responsáveis pelo resgaste da nova música alternativa e underground dos dias de hoje, veja, se hoje temos centenas e centenas de bandas geniais por aí, muito se deve a Skywave/Ceremony/APTBS.

Agora, Jhn Fedowitz volta com In Distance, que segue a linhagem dos grandes albuns do Ceremony, os dois primeiros, que diga-se são raríssimos e que foram relancados em vinil duplo ano passado e o grande já citado Rocket Fire. In Distance é barulhento, amoroso, sedutor, perigoso, como uma obra prima deve ser.

E pela segunda vez este que vos escreve tem a honra máxima de trocar uma idéia com o mestre John Fedowitz sobre detalhes do album, diferencas entre os discos e Brasil!!!

Ponto alto já deste maravilhoso 2014, lembrem-se o que eu havia dito, 2014 promete......

***** Interview with Ceremony *****

What is the main difference between rocket fire and distance?
There are three differences between "rocket fire" and "distance". First, I didn't use a drum computer on "distance". It's all live drums and I don't why I got away from that for so long. Second, when "rocket fire" was being recorded we knew we were writing an album that had to be played at full volume with sex drugs and rock and roll !!! The louder the better is what we were going for. On "distance" I wanted the songs to speak for themselves. You can listen to it at any volume and it still sounds great to me! Third, I'm working by myself now. I made every decision on "distance" , how to record it, what songs will appear on the album, art work. It was a pretty cool feeling.

How was the process of recording the new album?
It's different with almost every song... Recording the drums I would place the mics different in every song. I put a drum trigger on the bass drum on two songs. On the song "On Holiday" I used just one mic to record the drums. Recording the vocals, guitars and bass I only used a SM57 mic. In my tiny basement it's pretty easy to get a cool sound with a little reverb. The songs that Paul, Chris and Ben played on took much longer to finish, maybe because I had to get everyone together and focus. But at the same time I was recording new songs without them, recording every part and having a song almost finished in one night.

About the new generation, which ones do you like?
I'm not sure with this question. I'm thinking it's about how things are changing. Yeah I had MTV when I was growing up and loved watching 120min. and finding new bands to buy on tape and trading mix tapes with friends and hearing so much music. Record stores were still on every block and things made sense. The new generation is kinda weird with all original music only being heard on the Internet. I don't like when I find out about a band that is really cool and hear that it came out 3 years ago. I guess I'm bad at looking and searching for bands. Do I sound like an old man right now? Ha! I am glad for the world wild web! I think ceremony would have never been heard outside of the USA without it. It gives a band a chance to be heard without selling their soul to a label that never gives anything back. Now to answer your question. "The New Generation" sounds like a cool band name. But I'm not sure witch song I like best. I'll check them out.

Year before last, a place to bury strangers played in Brazil and was really insane, have you had proposed to play here? Would like to make a tour through Brazil?
I'm so into playing live! But I don't have the resources to get that south into Brazil. It's crazy how many fans ceremony has, and I would love to reach them all. I'm hoping with this new album I'll get more press and more hype to find myself down to you in the next year. I would love that!

What are your plans for 2014?
I have an EP coming out in spring called "birds" on a german label called Emerald and Doreen. Also my management is planning a tour off the east coast into the mid-west of the US. And I'm always recording new music.. I have a good feeling for 2014.

Final considerations ...
I'd like to thank you for the interview.
take care,
john fedowitz
Thanks John!!!