segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

Strange Behavior by Screen Vinyl Image

É fato que o SVI é unanimidade aqui no TBTCI, desde os aureos tempos do grandioso Alcian Blue Jake e Kim Reid veem se recriando a cada single, ep, album lançado. E para alegria de todos finalmente chega o segundo album do SVI, Strange Behavior, uma pancada supersonica movida a sintetizadores doentios e darks, doses cavalares do post punk, shoegaze frio, e psicodelismo, não há limites para o SVI, Revival é um grande exemplo do que Strange Behavior ter de melhor todos os estilos condensados dentro deste brutal exemplo de como se fazer soar atual mesmo com todas as influências retro.

O TBTCI aguardou ansiosamente o lançamento de Strange Behavior antes de soltar a famosa lista dos melhores do ano, e logicamente que foi a melhor opção a ser feita porque Strange Behavior é facil um dos melhores do ano, aos que soltaram suas listas antes de escutar a perola meus pesames porque quando ouvirem certamente mudarão de ideia.

Para melhor elucidar o album, nada melhor do que o proprio SVI para um track by track especialissimo, enjoy it!!!

Track by Track by SVI

We Don't Belong
This is a song about technology taking over human interactions and two people feeling like they can no longer exist in this "real" world.

This track is based off a old blues song we saw in a movie. Instead of being a religious tune like in the film, we changed it to being about going off to watch the world end.
Stay AsleepPart science fiction and part contemplative, the first half follows a dream state and the end falls into a nightmare.

My Confession
We wrote this song around the time of Interceptors, but we never quite got the lyrics down. The song is influenced from an old noir film called Double Indemnity. When we were mixing it we had been listening to Shadow of a Doubt by Sonic Youth and tried to keep in the spirit of that.

Station 4
Another older track, it's a song about having to leave someone behind. We pushed our reverb and delays to their limits in the process of this recording.

This is a song about prescription drugs.

New Visions
We wrote this off of a loop we came up with from a sound generator we built. The lyrics are some thoughts on passing through life.

Night Trip
We lost our cat to cancer this year, she was really awesome and loved to hang out when we worked on music. We wrote this song about losing a friend. The song title is from a film our friend Matt did, it just seemed to fit the mood of the song.