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Heaven or Las Vegas with Asobi Seksu - An Interview

Algumas bandas são tão doces, tão sonhadoras que qualquer coisa que digam a respeito que seja contra a nossa propria adoração viramos monstros e queremos matar o desqualificado que diga algo desse nivel, na minha lista de bandas deste nivel, coloco Cocteau Twins, Lush, Stereolab e Asobi Seksu, logicamente que existe uma linha tenue de conexões entre todas elas, o dreampop é a mais facil, o fato de possuirem meninas com vozes magistrais é outra e logicamente o fato de serem altamente perfeitas. O Asobi Seksu é algo que transmite uma verdadeira onda de candura, claro que nos early years as guitarras faziam-se mais presentes porém a partir do album Hush do ano passado Yuki Chikudate & James Hanna optaram por reinventar-se e mandaram um trabalho descomunalmente doce, etereo e candido, uma verdadeira obra prima como Treasure do Cocteau Twins eu diria.

Nunca me perdoarei por ter perdido o unico show deles em BH, mas procurei e consegui contato direto e imediato com o Asobi e algo especial podera acontecer em 2011, esta curioso??Então leia com muita atenção e carinho o que a doce Yuki nos diz...

***** Interview with Asobi Seksu *****

Q. When the band starts?tell us Asobi Seksu history...
A. We started in 2001-2002. I don't remember's all blurry, but somewhere around there.

Q: What are the band´s influences?
A. Right now- Air conditioning, swimming pools+the beach, cats, Larry David, Karl Pilkington, Spiritualized. There are many many bands of many kinds- too many to list.

Q: Tell us about the Asobi Seksy´s was it?
A. Our gigs in Brazil- We've only played one show in Belo Horizonte. It was our first time in Brazil and we were very excited. We had fun. James fell down the stairs before the show. Don't worry, he was not injured.

Q. What´s your impressions about brazilian tour?
A. Hmmm, I don't think that one show can qualify as a tour. Hopefully we can do more than one show in 2011 in Brazil and we can call it a tour!

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the albuns, what´s the different between Hush from the others ones?
A. This new yet to be titled album that we are recording (#4) has been a freeing, truly fun experience. Hush was in many ways a record of exploration and developing new musical/aural repertoire. The new one for me was a joy to make. It's always fun working with Chris Zane. Over the years, he's become one of our best friends.

Q. What do you think about the shoegazer classic era?
A. It was a time of truly beautiful music. We owe much to that era and the innovators of the 90s.

Q. About shoegazer scene in Japan, what´s the best band in your opinion...
A. To be honest, I'm not too informed about the shoegazer scene in Japan. I do know that our Japanese fans are very passionate about the 90s and shoegaze/dreampop.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
A. Girl groups songs are always fun to cover. We did one of THEN HE KISSED ME. We also just did a cover of Donovan's Celeste. One of the most beautiful songs ever written. Not sure what we'll cover next. Any suggestions?

Q: Which new bands you recommended?
A. I've been enjoying Washed Out and Zane played us some of 123 band's demo which I thought was good!

Q: What´s the plans for records, a tour,maybe return to Brazil one day....:)
A. We are about to start mixing our new record which is really exciting. Plan on releasing it in early 2011. Hopefully this means lots of touring- and lots of fun shows in beautiful Brazil.

Q: Any parting words?
A. Obrigada---Amo voce!
Thanks Yuki....também amamos você!!!!!....Renato

Asobi Seksu - Daytrotter Session - 6/7/2007