sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017

This Blinding Light, "Mountains" - Track by Track

O combo de Seattle, This Blinding Light retornar as páginas do TBTCI em grande e ruidoso estilo, hoje veio ao mundo seu mais novo trabalho, o EP "Mountains", que definitivamente explicita tudo o que os caras tem de melhor, ou seja, psicodelia áspero.

Cinco exemplos de como se produzir melodias pegajosas, barulhentas e viajantes. Como nos melhores momentos do B.R.M.C., o This Blinding Light unifica J&MC e Spiritualized numa simbiose perfeita e necessária.

E para melhor entender "Mountains", Lance, um dos criadores do TBL decupou o EP minuciosamente.

Leia e escute em alto e bom som.

***** "Mountains" - Track by Track *****

Star: This song is about the moment when two people cross paths and the electricity jumps out to cause that storm of passion that not only unites a man and a woman, but the moon and the sun, and the stars above.....

Breakout: This song is about trying to come to terms with the little games we play with ourselves and each other, and trying to "break out" of that cycle and move forward....

Tree of Life: This song is about recognizing the interconnections between all things....

Heaven: Like Star, seeing that the passion we engage in is the Heaven we have here on earth...

Leyes: is about seeing the current state of events, being able to read all the bullshit on the hypocritical faces, especially in the eyes (the window to the soul) and wishing so much I could take away all of the pain and suffering..... hoping the song wil at least ease some of it away...