terça-feira, 17 de outubro de 2017

A Beautiful Curse with Crying Vessel - An Interview

Uma volta às Batcaves é proporcionada desde os primeiros momentos de "A Beautiful Curse", novo disco do duo Crying Vessel.

Evocando ícones dos infernos escuros e sombrios, o duo despeja através sintetizadores uma aura de claustrofobia regada a tons cinzentos, dançante e cerebral, "A Beautiful Curse" soa ao mesmo tempo nostálgico e atual, condensando os 80´s ao caos dos dias atuais.

Absolutamente recomendado a notívagos sedentos por noites sem fim.

***** Interview with Crying Vessel *****

Q.Hello Slade, first congratulations on the new album, it's really brilliant, what is your analysis after conclusion of album? Are you happy with the result?

Hello Renato, good to hear from you and TBTCI again. Always a pleasure. First off, thank you for the compliment! Truly means a lot to me and everyone involved. I worked for nearly 2 years on this record, so it is kind of surreal feeling now that it is about to be released and pre-orders are out. I am happy with the results and amazed by the early success already going on with all of it.

Q. How was the process of creating A Beautiful Curse ?

The process of creating the music was just as important as the personal discovery process that happened with this I think. I learned to be patient and sit back on the songs and truly focus on where they should end up and what they need. I typically rush through this process and just get it out in the past. This time I really put a lot of attention on the progression of the vocals with the songs and lyrical work to truly get my feelings across. I focused a lot on how the Synths and my guitars interacted (both melodically and technically). My past albums were very experimental because of the feeling to get it out and going. But I took my time and put every ounce of energy I had into this album. The process of this album will forever be special too because I was using a lot of programmed drums and I did the entire thing myself. Since shortly after starting on the album I started working with drummer Basil back in early Spring 2016 both for live shows and then studio work for the new material. So this will forever be a special gem-of-an-album I think. Very personal for me and also for the fans.

Q. What are the main differences between A Beautiful Curse and "Killing Time"?

A Beautiful Curse has Killing Time on it along with the other 2 songs on the EP that came out last October. Killing Time was one of the first songs I wrote for the album and decided to put out the single. It was after seeing such great response (and a record deal from Manic Depression Records) that gave me even more reason to keep pushing to get this album done and get it done right. Killing Time is much more up tempo than the rest of the album, which funnily enough is now hinting at the new material we have been working hard on. Much more along those lines again. The unique thing I did with this album is also give each version (CD, Vinyl, Digital) a unique twist. The CD is different White cover trifold artwork and something special tucked away. The Vinyl is Black logo artwork with reordered track list for better master quality and flow. And the digital is the basic release with black logo artwork and CD order. I fully wanted this album and my Crying Vessel alias to be more than just a release or music. I want it to represent the world I am creating and everything we are doing is very conceptual. This bleeds into our live show too which is made to be a complete multimedia and visual experience with more meaning and depth. Its important to me for it to react with a person on a deeper level than one you get on a radio single made for the masses. Music can do so much more for a person than fulfill the duties of being the background music for their drive to work while sipping their coffee. Its fully submersible for the listener. It just needs to be presented a certain way and executed.

Q. What were the influences for creating the new album?

The album was greatly influenced by falling back in love with my childhood favorites. Sisters of Mercy, Gary Numan, Joy Division. You name it. If you look back in my discography I was doing a touch of this dark wave style in the first album back in 2011 called Necrozine. But It was just baby steps at the beginning of where it could end up I think. After detouring through Trip Hop for a while (a couple albums actually) I came back to this. I came back to what I am all about and what I can stand behind. I even had an EP that came out in 2013 with 3 very ‘80s’ style wave driven tunes that could have fit perfectly fine on this new album too. So those influences have been there, but I finally had the focus and time to refine my approach to deliver them. That mixed with more and more guitar oriented writing process has made it come to this.

Q. What are your plans for 2017?

We have some very exciting things going on. Basil and I have been working together since Spring 2016 to get the live performance going and it is going amazingly well. We have European and USA tours being lined up and October is already booked out around Switzerland for the album release shows. Holland is in the works for March 2018 and April 2018 we have about 10 dates in USA being finalized. Along with this we have new material we are already writing. We have the new Vinyl, CD and Digital release of “A Beautiful Curse” coming Friday October 13th and to our surprise; the Pre Orders have already sold out a few legs of our merch. We are also talking about doing a Remix EP this winter with some very great fellow Post Punk and Darkwave style bands we work with. So more on that soon!