domingo, 22 de outubro de 2017

Clouds with Kitt vs Karr - An Interview

Nos primeiros momentos de "Clouds", segundo trabalho do Kitt vs Karr, lançado no primeiro dia deste mês, tem-se a impressão que o Disintegration do Cure esta sendo retrabalhado para os dias atuais.

"Future 2" evoca fantasmas do citado álbum, sob um espectro esfumaçado e denso, mas sem aquela sensação de querer cortar os pulsos a cada segundo. Mas é a partir de "Numb To This World" que o negócio começa a ficar mais sério ainda, sob um clima ainda perturbador, porém hipnoticamente guiada por nuances sonoras com o Bowery Electric, o álbum toma um direcionamento dark cerebral dançante.

Um trabalho absolutamente envolvente que vai penetrando mente adentro, e aí, a interpretação do que o Kitt vs Karr criou, dependerá muito do seu estado de espírito. 

Uma perigosa, excitante, envolvente e hipnótica viagem ....OBRIGATÓRIO!
***** Interview with Kitt vs Karr *****

Q. When did KITT vs KARR start? Tell us about the history...
Tanner: I started KvK in 2014 as a solo project. The first album I pretty much played everything.
In 2016, Jason (guitar) and I started playing together again since we played together and graduated high school nearly 20 years ago. We both lived in other cities and both had moved back to Denver. I just called him randomly and we seemed to hit it off. We needed a rhythm section and Jason's brother recommended Henry (drums) and Auguste (bass). We seem to have natural chemistry as a band.

Q: Who are your influences?
Tanner: Nirvana was my biggest influence. I saw them when I was 14 and my head exploded.

Jason: Slowdive, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC), Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Blur.

Auguste: Radiohead, Joe Strummer, Tom Waits, John Frusciante, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Henry: Radiohead, Portishead.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
1. Nirvana - Nevermind
2. Built to spill - Perfect from now on

1. Radiohead - Ok Computer
2. Blur - Think Tank
3. The Faint - Wet from Birth
4. Luna - Penthouse
5. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
2. Tom Waits - Real Gone
3. Beethoven - Symphony 9
4. The Clash - London Calling
5. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

1. Any Radiohead album
2. Bent Knee - Shiny Eyed Babies

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Tanner: I love it! the energy and the crowd. You can tell if your doing well.

Jason: I sort of get in my own zone - concentrate on my playing mostly because I do a lot of
improvising live, but also let my mind sort of wander. Overall, very rewarding every time.

Auguste: It feels like painting with sound.

Q. How do you describe Kitt vs Karr sounds?
Jason: Like what an infant might imagine while floating in space, in a dolphin's dream.

Auguste: Each one of us has a lot of musical gifts and talents that we are just beginning to learn how to bring together into one sound. I think what we've done up to this point sounds very good for our first time all working together and getting familiar with everyone's creativity and strengths. I am excited to see what we do next and how we continue to grow as a band.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
Tanner: We did all ourselves. Jason and Henry both know how to use a computer and we just experimented with sounds.

Jason: I wrote most of my guitar parts during the recording process, after everyone else had recorded theirs. We recorded in Henry's living room and my basement over the course of 6 months, then mix/mastered by Adam Stilson at Decade Music Studios in Chicago, IL.

Auguste: It's fun taking the sounds you're making in a room and trying to capture that particular atmosphere or feeling. It's a challenge to take what you feel in person, record it, and show it to someone whose never heard it before and see if that feeling still shows through that recording. Some ideas are just better to experience in person, but sometimes recordings can be a better place to experience a sonic landscape in greater detail.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
Tanner: Tame Impala, Gregory Alan Isakov

Henry: Bent Knee

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Jason: Luna or Blouse

Auguste: I think we should cover the theme song from Knight Rider.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Tanner: Kep playing with this group of guys. I'm always focused on writing better songs.

Jason: to collapse the probability wave function of any given future - and release another album at some point.

Auguste: Growing as a band.

Q: Any parting words?
Tanner: Hope you enjoy the Music. Keep an eye on us as we will keep releasing albums.

Jason: Did you know that all of the planets can fit between Earth and the Moon? It's true.

Auguste: What is music to you?