terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

The Perfect Prescription with François Sky - An Interview

Quando se ama a música, se ama a si próprio, e assim é François Sky, um dos grandes músicos e amantes de música que conheci durante essa saga do TBTCI neste mais de quatro anos.

Venho há tempos querendo entrevistá-lo pois eu digo e afirmo, sou um dos grandes fãs de seu trabalho, inúmeros projetos como Data Unit dentre outros, mas eu particularmente prefiro seu trabalho sob a alcunha de François Sky, psicodelia, drones, space rock, são apenas alguns termos que podem definir a musicalidade genial de Mr. François, mas o ponto é que o talento e a inspiração simplesmente é acima do usual, eu diria que meu amigo François Sky é um gênio.

Seu último trabalho esta na majestosa compilação A Mind Expasion http://fuxa1.bandcamp.com/album/a-mind-expansion-digital-compilation, com a espetacular música Drone Controlled, simplesmente imperdível.

Amigos, deixo vocês com o mestre François Sky e sua história.

***** Interview with François Sky *****

Q. Tell us,the story of how you started to become interested in music?
I've always been positevely sensitive towards a lot of different music work.

I was born and raised in a family where sometimes music was becoming sort a non conventional weapon,
so i guess a regular kid, i've been sort of fascinated by the potential power of such a thing that can make plates flying and doors slamming. Well, that's partly a joke.

Q. You are a great lover of guitars, how many guitars do you have? What models? What is your favorite?
I really like guitars indeed and the more issue they seem to have the more catchy they turn out on me. So far i had like fourty, most i really liked, some i modded 500%...

That crazyness was by a time when i could afford even if most of these weren't some expensive ones. Since i've got two of my alltime dream ones i do not turn into a electronic freak anymore. What's good as it is has to remain as it is. "The better is the enemy of the good." Nowadays i've got like six guitars including a cheap bass, a classic one, a folk one, a hollow electric one and my two Fender which are a Jaguar and a Jazzmaster.

I'm always in search for something that moves me regarding guitars, mostly their sound, so i keep looking very often in second hand shops more than online stores. I do not get the point to buy such a thing online just like a pair of crap goods.

Did i tell you i like synths too ?

Q. You have countless projects, explain the concept of each one for us...
Well, they're just some different parts of my doings.  I have been thinking that my work was sometimes too different to be under one single name. I was wrong, since a while i'm consolidating all my present work and it's a lot to do. Having different entity gave me the choice to think more one way or one another, but now i feel like i don't have to do so anymore. Just doing what i'm doing and when i'll have to go play live again i can use any band name. Not because it does not really matter, but because however i call it, it's me and this will never change.

Q. What are your influences?
Look at my favorite guitares.

Q. Which albums of your life?
Those i'm gonna do for sure ! Ha ! I like some made by others very, very much, but i don't feel like dropping names. Mostly because there are a few of them i know for real, those who know me can say what i like.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
The future ? ha ! I've got a track on a tremendous and epic compilation which includes a total of 50 songs
by bands and artists like Fuxa, Sterling Roswell, Cheval Sombre, Martin Rev, Spacemen 3, Spectrum,
Sleepyard and so many others.  I'm on this as "François Sky" with one of my latest track which stands for what i'm mostly doing these days and can be considered as a live gig outro. 

The title is "Drone Controlled" which seems clear enough to me, regarding some present events. So my plan is to share and spread this release from MIND EXPANSION Records, but not only. Then to make a new live band as i really feel well and happy in Berlin.

Love changes so many things, man.

I'm also looking forward for some collaborations.

Q. Any parting words...
"Better doing anything than nothing."
Thanks for your attention and support.
Thanks François