segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Rollercoaster with The Cult Of Dom Keller - An Interview


Acidez pura, imagens desconexas, viagens encharcadas de sexo, drogas e rock´n´roll, como reza a lenda, o caos, a loucura, a insanidade, a provocação, as alucionações, as guitarras, vida, morte, morte e vida, psicodelismo psych de deixar os mestres felizes.

Assim é Cult of Dom Keller, ouvir seus 3 eps é cair de cabeça no mundo esquizofrenico e paranoico de 13th Floor Elevators, Spacemen 3, Syd, Brian Jonestown Massacre e afins.

Aqui o buraco não é mais embaixo é literalmente no inferno, com chamas altas quentes, e extremamente viciantes.....ah beleza, já deu pra sacar que o TBTCI é inteiramente fanatico pelos caras, então, meia o que eles estão dizendo na entrevista ouvindo as odes de CODK e depois entenda porque o culto existe....

***** Interview with The Cult of Dom Keller *****

Q. When did Cult of Dom Keller starts, tell us about the history...
The universe brought CODK together in the Autumn of 2008.

We met in the same mental institution and formed a band in the mental hospital's basement.

Q: Who are your influences?
Influences are the sounds between the sounds in our and psychedelics...

We are inspired by a plethora of influences from old blues records to 60s garage bands through to the proto- heavy rock bands like black sabbath to the tripped out genius of skip spence and Syd Barrett and Roky Erikson's13th floor elevators. We are also heavily inspired by films, the works of David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Man ray, Fritz Lang.

The iconology and visuals inspire us lyrically and the feeling a film can create can lend to a sonic landscape we may be working on as we sometimes see our tracks as scores to an imaginary movie.


Q. How do you describe Cult of Dom Keller sounds?
Our music is created through a collision of songwriting, jamming and trying to create a certain feeling/mood.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the debut album?
Our first EP has a stream of unconsciousness feel about it as the songs bleed into one another with bursts of ideas and buried vocals to create an unearthly world.

Our second EP was a more song based affair which used the textures and the sonic exploration of EP1 to bring the songs alive.Our third EP was a dark descent into a swampy heavier black sonic mass where the songwriting and sonic experimentation merged together to create our darkest collection of tracks so far.

In October we will be releasing our debut album. The album will be a cross section off all these facets with some new tracks that evolve the Dom Keller sound even further.

Q. How do you fell playing alive?
Playing live is a religious experience where we conjure up spirits past and future to create a sonic mass.

It makes us feel alive.

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Top - half machine lip moves, 13th floor elevators - psychedelic sounds of, Birthday party - junkyard, stooges - stooges/funhouse, skip spence - oar, Black sabbathplans for the future....tour europe...release the album..return to the US...spread the psychedelic gospel and convert more people to the cult of dom keller.Our grand plan is to spread our psychedelic gospel to every corner of the world by releasing great albums/eps/singles and touring the world and recruiting more disciples to the cult of Dom Keller.
Q: What´s the plans for future....
We want to inscribe our name on the psychedelic scriptures of time and leave behind a legacy of music that will be discovered in years to come and blow minds young and old... bands curently like...psychic ills, indian jewllry

Q: Any parting words?
Parting is the under will

Love and sonic mass from your favourite psychotropic spacemen
Thanks CODK