terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Another Kind of Noise with Dot Dash - An Interview


Uma superbanda vem a tona ex integrantes de Glo-Worm, Swervedriver, Strange Boutique entre outros originou o combo Dot Dash, simplesmente uma indie band como deve ser, guitarras no seu devido lugar, musicas pegajosas fadadas a atingirem o grande publico, melodicos ate o talo, o Dot Dash vem com seu segundo album Winter Garden Light, um daqueles albuns que se cair na graça de alguém da NME vai ser a proxima grande banda da atualidade, o fato é que o Dot Dash é altamente bacana, uma pegada que remete aos bons tempos do Undertones ou Buzzcocks com uma roupagem atualizada sem cair na mesmice.

Winter Garden Light credencia o Dot Dash a alçar grandes degraus, essa é a aposta do TBTCI, e para fazer parte da historia do Dot Dash, logico que a entrevista tá na mão....

***** Interview with Dot Dash *****


Q. When did Dot Dash start? Tell us about your history...
We played our first show, opening for The Trashcan Sinatras, in June 2010. That summer, we had a little 3-song EP come out on a German microlabel called Edition 59 Records. In Summer 2011, our first album, called spark>flame>ember>ash, was released by the Canadian indie label The Beautiful Music. A few weeks ago, The Beautiful Music released our new album, which is called Winter Garden Light. In between all of those records, we've played lots of gigs.

Q: Who are your influences?
You'd get different answers from all of us, but a common thread is lots of late 70s and early 80s new wave and post-punk stuff, lots of 60s pop, and basically anything with strong melodies and lots of energy.

Q. Make a list of your top 5 albums of all time…
Terry -- guitar and vocals:
The Undertones -- Positive Touch
The Byrds -- Mr. Tambourine Man
The Clash -- London Calling
The Bongos -- Drums Along The Hudson
Joy Division -- Unknown Pleasures

Bill -- guitar:
The Who Quadrophenia
The Jam -- Sound Affects
U2 - Boy
The Clash -- London Calling
Jonsi -- Go

Hunter – bass:
Love - Forever Changes
The Oranges Band - The World And Everything In It
Warren Zevon - self-titled
The Adolescents - self-titled (aka The Blue Album)
Embrace (the D.C. band, not the terrible British one) - self-titled

Danny – drums:
Red Kross – Poshboy
Swervedriver - Anything by them
Punishment of Luxury – Laughing Academy
The Beatles – Revolver
The Kinks – Are the Village Green Preservation Society

Q. How do you feel about playing live?
We love it. Usually, the less you try, the better it is.

Q. How would you describe Dot Dash's sound?
Well, other people have called us jangle pop, indie rock, power pop, mod, post-punk, and so on... Take your pick -- it's all fine by us.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the new album?
We recorded it in three days early this summer at a place called Lord Baltimore Studios. They were nice guys who knew their stuff and it went well.


Q. What represents the classic shoegazer-era?
Well, we don't think of ourselves as shoegazers (although Danny was in Swervedriver for a while) but some of that stuff was quite good.... and it would seem 1991-92 was kind of the prime era -- Loveless, the first couple of Ride records, Slowdive, Pale Saints, that kind of stuff...

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
The Drums, The Manic Low, Evans The Death, among others.

Q: Which bands would you love to record a cover version of?
One of th*
ese days we’re going to get around to recording a cover of a Television Personalities song for The Beautiful Music’s excellent TVPs tribute series. We’re always more interested in doing our own songs, than covers, but one day we’ll get it done – we swear.

Q: What´s the plan for the future?
Keep playing gigs. Hopefully get a third album out. Have fun.

Q: Any parting words?
Righty tighty, lefty loosey.