quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2009

93 Million Miles From The Sun

Que presente de aniversario para o Blog e para mim é claro!!!!!!!!!!!


From Myspace:

"Hey Renalto....

Sorry it's taken so long for a reply! We are truly blown away by you tattoo and can't thank you enough. It looks amazing and much better than my own.

You are now a lifelong member of Club93 which gets you free entry to gigs (shame we don't play any in Brazil but maybe one day) and of course any future releases you get for free.

If you can send me an address for you then i'll keep it and any future stuff i'll get it sent to you asap. Also i'll see what i can do and stick you some stuff in the post, unreleased, covers and whatever i can find etc...

Also your name will be on the new album which is nearing compilation and will hopefully be out early next year....

Again thanks for your support and that tattoo is amazing!!!

Speak soon

Thanks Nick - You´re always welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!