quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

Gone Beyond by PeRPLeXa

Uma daquelas preciosidades que permanecerão obscuras e poucos mortais terão acesso ao sublime mundo de visões enigmaticas, viagens oniricas, anjos, demônios, tudo de forma mezzo post rock, mezzo experimental, mezzo post punk, mezzo psychedelic, assim é o mundo de Jonathan Wald e seu PeRPLeXa, uma celebração movida a ritmos tribais, layers e mais layers de guitarras epicas e cristalinas celebrando tragedias, amores, musica para entrar na alma e não sair nunca mais. Quer conhecer mais a fundo, então faça um grande favor a você mesmo, leia a entrevista que gentilmente foi concebida pelo proprio Jonathan sobre o mundo particular de seu PeRPLeXa, entre nos links, compre o album, baixe, procure, enfim infiltre-se rapidamente e boa viagem.
Detalhe, alguns convidados do album Gone Beyond, artwork by Natty Brooker, Ex Spacemen 3, baixo, Will Carruthers, ex Spacemen 3, precisa de mais alguma coisa!?!?

***** Intervew with Jonathan Wald - PeRPLeXa *****
Q. When did you start to play music? Tell us the beginning...
A. I tried playing clarinet in school when I was 10. On my own, I attempted to play a snare drum at 13. I acquired my first drum set at age 15, sold it at 16, found another at 18, sold it at 20, tried again at 22 and haven't given up since. I never took a lesson, as I found drumming too much fun to complicate with rules.
I create from feel and then visualize a pattern of shape and sound. I begin with a cyclical root pattern, then develop a theme with subtle variations by way of nuance and detail. If I can't feel it or visualize it, I can't play it and don't want to.
Q. When did Perplexa start?
A. PeRPLeXa began in 1994 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Q. What´s your personal influences?
A. Authenticity, creativity, intuition, truth, heart, rhythm, breath(dth), mystery, and small things.
Q. How do you describe your sounds?
A. Epic, hypnotic, intense, passionate, cinematic, sensual, psychedelic, soothing, tribal, spiritual, and beyond.
Q. What was the process to recording gone beyond?
A. The simple answer...
Gone Beyond started a long time ago the "old fashioned" way... like all of our recordings, we played our instruments while surrounded by microphones and perform our songs to analog tape. I know... sounds strange because it wasn't recorded into a computer, and endlessly looped and edited. Some songs were written and some were improv'd. We tend to avoid most common song writing methods and approach ideas with more of a fine art sensibility. We engineer our music, in our own space, with our own equipment. I took on a much greater role in all aspects of production than I ever had in the past.
Q. What's the differences between the ST debut and gone beyond?
A. Spanning the first two releases, represents a time when we were a three piece band. Essentially guitar, bass, and drums. We just performed and recorded our live set to tape. We were more overt in our way of bringing about sonic intensity. By the time we wrote and recorded our third record, The Sun and The Moon Getting it On, the core of PeRPLeXa was a two piece. At this time, cello accompanied us and together we explored a more crafted experience than our previous recordings.
For our fourth recording, we hope that we've become better at creating the journey we're trying to help the listener experience. Gone Beyond is an infinitely more expansive endeavor, a greater scope, and of course, much more life informed. Gone Beyond still retains the core two piece and cello, as well, many talented friends helped bring about this crazy dream.

Q. About gig´s, what´s your feeling of playing live...
A. Playing live is a wonderfully amazing and inexplicable ride that I love, while at the same time, being so afraid. A very humbling experience that I'm always compelled to engage in again and again. PeRPLeXa has always been a live spectacle and we hope to be so always.
Q. Make a list of your top 5 albums of all time...
A. Absolutely impossible to pick five! Here are some of the records that I have enjoyed for years...
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Durutti Column - LC
Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
This Heat - Deceit
The Raincoats - Odyshape
Pop Group - Y
Chet Baker - Jazz at Ann Arbor
Crash Worship - Triple Mania II
Can - Ege Bamyasi
Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
African Head Charge - Songs of Praise
...and so many more.
Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
A. I wouldn't know what others might like, but some of the music that I've currently been listening to is all over the place...
Django Reinhardt
Joanna Newsom
Dirty Projectors
Die Antwoord
Name of the Moon
Q. About the future, what are your plans?
A. Well, I live in the moment but if I could imagine tomorrow... I hope to learn more, feel more, love more, and create more.
Q. Any parting words..
A. For your entrancing pleasure, now and always... Gone Beyond
Thanks Jonathan!!