domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Psychotic Reaction with Darker My Love - An Interview

Diretamente da California para o mundo, Tim Presley, Rob Barbato, Jared Everett, Will Canzoneri e Dan Allarie mas precisamente conhecidos como Darker My Love, comboio psych, noise, shoegazer que já tem no curriculo dois albuns simplesmente fenomenais, fora o novissimo As Alive as You Are, que já caiu na graça de quem esta antenado com o que rola de bom na musica atual, pois o album vazou e dá para perceber facilmente que os reverbs estam lá mas com uma cara mais 60´s ainda, aproveitando toda a efervecencia do Darker My Love, o TBTCI fechou mais uma classica entrevista com os caras, que dizem que talvez toquem em algum festival porque, já pensou???Coisa finissima.

***** Interview with Darker My Love *****
Q. When the band starts?tell us Darker My Lover history...
A. Well, Tim and Andy started the band back in the bay area. Then Jared and I moved out from Boston and met them through mutual friends. We started jamming and it worked. Will then joined on keyboards .Andy had to leave so now we have Dan Allaire playing drums for us.

Q: What are the band´s influences?
A. Lack of money, and classic rock.

Q: Tell us about the Darker my Love´s was it?
a. The gigs are cool we just kind of play our songs and hope people like listening to them.

Q: Tell us about the process of recordingns? What´s the difference between the debut and the second darker my love album?
A. We'll the new record is a little earthier. Less reverb and delay.

Q. What do you think about the shoegazer classic era?
A. I love those records and they were a huge influence on the early records. Kevin Sheilds was at two of our shows in London this last June. Pretty cool.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
A. I would love to do a John Phillips cover soon. Maybe "Me and My Uncle" or anything off "Wolfking of LA".

Q. What´s the feeling to record roky erickson´s classic 'She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)' me is the hit of the album...
A. Thanks! It was really fun. I also got to meet and record Roky playing live this year and that was pretty rad. The Sonic Cathedral record came out really good. We're happy that we got to participate with all of the other great bands on the record.

Q: Which new bands you recommended?
A. Andrew Graham and The Swarming Branch and Nodzzz,

Q: What´s the plans for records, a tour, maybe one play with fire in Brazil......
A. We're Touring with Band of Horses in September. That should be fun. We would love to come to Brazil!!!We would probably have to play a festival or something to get down there...but it would be a dream come true.

Q: Any parting words?
Eat a Peach!
Thanks Guys!!!

Darker My Love - ST