segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2019

Flower Vision, "Voodoos of Ambition" - Track by Track

Elegância em formato lo fi, contemplando sonhos e outros delírios, mais ou menos assim flui o projeto britânico Flower Vision.

O debute nasceu em Maio deste ano, "Voodoos of Ambition", tem em suas cinco canções os dois substantivos do título, Voodoo e Ambição, caminhando ambos estreitamente unificados.

Constantine o cara por trás do Flower Vision expõe suavemente seus devaneios, solidão, isolamento, mas, um tracejo de luz vai aparecendo docemente em vários momentos. Para entender melhor o próprio Constantine, a pedido do TBTCI, revela agora todos os segredos de "Voodoos of Ambition".

Reserve o Flower Vision para seus momentos solitá trabalho melancolicamente bucólico e belo.

***** Flower Vision, "Voodoos of Ambition" - Track by Track *****

‘’Voodoos of Ambition’’ was clearly a vanity thing for me. I literally sat down with an audio interface I had since I was a university student, and a very cheap pair of headphones, and just recorded the whole thing within about three months. I’m not gonna bother you with the technical stuff, because I will also get bored. I released the lot, I think in March, digitally, but listening back to them, I am still in love with these melodies, and decided to release them on CD. I grew up listening to cassettes too, as well as vinyl records for the last 4-5 years, however, my fondest musical memories where always around this shiny round thingy we call Compact Disk. So it only felt natural for me to release it on this format. Anyway… Constantine Chatziviltsos

Give It Up

Most people tell me this is the one the like the most, and I think this is the reason why it’s the first track on the EP. It’s quite catchy in my opinion, and holds enough emotion. However, this is an old song, which I could never place in any of the other bands I was playing in the past. I think it’s quite personal for me, and I am happy it’s finally out.

Love is God for Broken Dreamers
I really love this song’s vibes. The vocals might not be perfect (not just on this one, but whatever…), but I just fucking love this solo. It’s worth the listen just for this solo, man!

This was the first track I recorded for this EP, and I think it deserved a place in there. It’s a moody one, but has a very happy twist at the end, if you pay attention to the lyrics, and always makes me think of my happy place, just after the first half of the song…

Dearest Friend of All Now This is the dearest song of all (see what I did there?) on the EP. By far my favourite! I’ve had the main riff in my head for a while, and was struggling to finish it, but I think I did it justice. It sounds even better live!! The bit where it goes ‘’t-t-t-teasing you’’ always get me, man!

Bare on the Sea
This is the little brother of ‘’Give It Up’’ in my head. Not in terms of melody and music, but in terms of sentimental baggage. I very often write autobiographically, and I mean, why shouldn’t I, and these two are going hand in hand. I kinda love the shabby vocals on this one, because is a very sad song, in my opinion… The EP as a whole has very a melancholic sentiment to it, and it’s quite fitting as a closer, is it not? Remember to support the artists you love! Thank you Renato for all your support!