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The White Days with Factice Factory - An Interview

O trio francês/suíço Factice Factory parece ter saído diretamente do início dos 80´s.

Sintetizadores pesados, baixo seco e marcado, clima sombrio e sempre cinzento, sim darkwave nua e crua, é o que a audição do sensacional debute dos caras, The White Days, lançado no final do ano passado transmite. Mescla elementos eletrônicos , guitarras gélidas e vocais soturnos e o resultado é o Factice Factory.

Detalhe um cover especialmente envolvente de Cold do The Cure, declamada em francês.

Finesse em tons escuros.

***** Interview with Factice Factory *****

When did Factice Factory start, tell us about its history... :
François : The band formed in 2013 and is first of all the story of a longtime friendship between us. Fabrice was previously active within the band Rajna with his wife Jeanne, Theotime started an experimental solo project called Thermafrost and was doing radio shows. In the course of 2013 both Théotime and Fabrice proposed me to join them into a musical project, we did some rehearsals and loved the outcome of it, so we decided to start a band together...

What are your influences?
François : Our influences are mainly from the early eighties, the new wave and cold wave era, the so called post punk movement, our name itself is an eye blink to Factory Records, Joy Division, Section 25, The Wake and all the bands of this period... But our influences are not exclusively this, we all listen to a lot of music be it electronic, rock, shoegaze, world, experimental, industrial, ambient etc, with maybe a slight preference for cold synthetic sounds... Artists like John Foxx or even Depeche Mode are a true influence as well for us...

Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
This is a tricky question because 5 is a very limited amount for all we love...
François : 1- The Sound : From the Lion's Mouth
2- Bauhaus : Mask
3- Siouxsie and the Banshees : Through the looking Glass
4- Joy Division : Closer
5- Noir Désir : Où veux tu que je regarde ?

Fabrice : 1-Trisomie 21 : Chapter IV
2- Section 25 : Always Now
3- The Cure : Pornography
4 - Slowdive : Just For A Day
5- Attrition : Smiling at the Hypogonder Club

Théotime : 1-Current 93 : Imperium
2 : Throbbing Gristle : 2o Jazz Funk greats
3- Bourbonese Qualk : Unpop
4- Cabaret Voltaire : 2X45
5- Merzbow : Pulse Demon

How do you feel playing live?
François : So far we did not had the time to play live, we already had many proposals for this but we need to find time to prepare a live set... The main problem in this regard is that we all live far away from each other so rehearsals can not take place every weekend... But we look forward to play and meet our audience, when we will feel ready we will do it...

How do you describe Factice Factory sounds ?
François : As a mixture of cold and athmospheric sound landscapes in which our influences are clearly reflected, there is some post punk there, some shoegaze, some experimental and ambient, some german influence as well from the Neue Deutsche Welle and in addition a topping of romantic and existential poetry, like hot black chocolate dripping down some pristine white vanilla ice cream...

Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
François : We always kind of work in three steps, the first is the music itself which Fabrice and Theotime are composing, they then send me demos on which I start to work for the lyrical part. I write songs in three languages, French my mother tongue, German which is almost a mother tongue to me and English... As I use all these languages on a daily basis it became quite obvious to all of us that the writing of our songs would be in three languages... There is no particular rule to this, more a matter of feeling and perception of the music... Songs I write in German are usually more concise, a bit like japanese haikus, songs in French and English are usually more elaborated and more based on poetry and the beauty and the force of words... The third and final step is assembling the music and the lyrics, the hardest part for which Fabrice has a secret and magic recipee...

Which new bands do you recommend ?
François : There are many to be listed and new very good projects emerge nearly every day... Personally I am a lot into artists such as Keluar, Marie Davidson, Chelsea Wolfe, Cosmetics, Regressverbot, May Roosevelt, Popsimonova, Paradox Obscur, Gabi Delgado, Circa Tapes, Lovers Revenge, Underpass and well I stop...

Fabrice : I love Vanish, KVB, The Soft Moon, Nothing, Lowtide, A Place to Bury Stangers … and so on …

Théotime : I listen to Jessica 93, Seventeen At This Time, Belgrado, Hight Flesh Functionning ...

Which band would you love to make a cover version of ?
François : We already did a very particular cover of the Cure's Cold which we interpretated in French... We haven't really thought of further cover versions but maybe some Trisomie 21 or for me a cover of French artist Daniel Darc or Taxi Girl...

What are the plans for future....
François : We have just finished our second album !!NADA !! so we will first need to finalize its release and promote it... Then we are planning to take some time to work on a live set... Some work for visuals and videos is also on our list as we do attach a real importance to all sides and matters of each of our releases, Factice Factory should be considered as a whole concept, both musical and visual...

Fabrice : We also plan to take part in a musical side project with my friend Olaf Parusel from sToa and other artists who will join us. Olaf Parusel has reworked the track Kaugummi and has made a fantastic and emotionnaly very strong masterpiece of this song !!! Affaire à suivre as we say in French ...

Any parting words?
We are very pleased to know that our music crosses the oceans and can be listened and discovered by people all over the world... Our warm greetings go out to our Brasilian audience and we thank you very much for this interview... For all those interested in what we do, please, take a look at both our Facebook and Bandcamp page as we regularly update these with news...

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