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Victorialand with Little Nova Sound - An Interview

Depois do tributo lancado no final do ano passado pelo TBTCI Rec. uma ode ao Cocteau Twins ressurgiu nos coracões, é notória a candura, a beleza contida na música dos magos escoceses, obviamente que Liz é um anjo em forma de mulher, sua belíssima e incomparável voz seduz e nos conduz a lugares jamais vistos ou pensados, é óbvio que ela é divina, mas Mr. Robin Guthrie é o mago criador das ambientacões e sonoridades que mapeiam os caminhos dos sonhos, e Mr. Guthrie é adorado e idolatrado por milhares e milhares de músicos, não músicos, enfim uma influência fortíssima e é exatamente nele que a obra do novíssimo Little Nova Sound se baseia, claro, acrescente Moose, a subestimada banda da primeira geracão da Scene, que ao contrário de Ride, Lush, Slowdive, sempre esteve em segundo ou até mesmo terceiro plano, mas o Little Nova Sound ou Gerry, o cara por trás dessa beleza imaginária resgate a beleza de suas influências, em músicas que nos guiam a territórios somente visitados pela música do Cocteau e do Slowdive.

O LNS é feito para sonhadores.

***** Interview with Little Nova Sound *****

1. Q. When did Little Nova Sound starts, tell us about the history..
Little nova sound is the name of my small recording studio. It's just me (Gerry) a drum machine, my old Jazzmaster guitar and some effects pedals, that's the way it's always been. LNS is just a progression of my Influences, and learning to play this god damn guitar.

2. Q: Who are your influences?
Here in the UK around the 80's there was a music TV show called "the Tube" On a particular show One of the acts had to pull out for some reason, making way for another band to take the slot. When the replacement act walked out on stage I was gobsmacked! I had never heard such hauntingly and yet beautiful music before like this. This wonderful group was Cocteau twins. I remember being struck by some of the guitar tones that Robin Guthrie weaved like wow! I was hooked. Just last year I met Robin (and beard) at a valentines show in Manchester and may I say he was a true Gentleman. So I guess Robin has been my major influence. I am also influenced by Harold Budd I love what that man does with a piano, it just tares me apart. There also bands like Dif Juz, Slowdive, Moose, Annie Barker, Daniel Land, My bloody Valentine... the list goes on and on there are so many.

3. Q: Make a list of 5 albums of all time...
1 has got to be "Head over heels" cocteau twins: I just love It! this album made me pic up the guitar and "gaze" 2 "The Pearl" Harold budd & Brian Eno: Every time I am stressed this album creates a cocoon of bliss around me. 3 "Extractions" Dif Juz: What these four guys did with two guitars, drums and bass was beyond me, every track is just timeless (in the true meaning of the word) I just wish they were all still together... Both Richie Thomas and Gary Basil Bromley are still prominent but the two Curtis Brothers, David and Alan have vanished, I wish these guys would phone home... please. 4 "XYZ" Moose: Every track on this album is just wonderfully written, played, sung. a real Joy. 5 "Ignite the Seven Cannons" Felt the guitar work on this album is fucking wonderful! this band was around in the early days as I was learning to play guitar and every now and then I may hear a little Felt Riff in a guitar track I'm working on.

4. How do you feel playing live?
To be honest, It would be pretty difficult to produce the sound live, I think I would have to hire about 10 more guitarist and also, It's never really crossed my mind that much. If there was a way to do so in the future then... yeah but things would have to be scaled down a bit.
Maybe i'll buy a reel to reel tape machine and go old school.

5. Q. How do you describe Little Nova Sound sounds?
I guess they are to me like paints on a canvas that doesn't give away all of the picture right away, so when you return to a certain track again you'll hear something, or feel something completely different.
that question should be given to the listener and not me really, I'm a bit shit at trying to describe things I create.

6 Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Well, I'm not the best guitarist on this planet and I wouldn't really want to be either, so I guess that I just mess about at first until something jumps out at me. It could be a guitar sound or effect or melody but As soon as I get something I work tirelessly to build on the melody.
I'll play the guitar with ebows and flip them in reverse and add different effects, multilayer the same guitar part with different reverbs, it is total freedom.
There is this weird point when writing music, it always feels like you are not in control and you get totally lost in it, I love the way creativity is endless and free of all boundaries., so the hours spent in the studio is "fun time" for me and also painful when things don't go to plan.
The drums are always fun to do, I have a couple of old drum machines that i occasionally have to kick start these days but mostly I'll use BFD2 and some free downloadable soft drums.
As you will notice from my soundcloud page there are some tracks like "Swathe" "Feathered Web" and "Skimming Stones" These tracks are my four track ambient pieces the process is very different to those written with drums. These are usually written recorded and produced in about four hours.
It is really difficult describing the recording process at times because not even I understand what the fuck I'm doing, I'm just being Creative... if that helps.

7. Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Dråpe: oh I love this band sooo much! they are just dreamy, I could go on a bit about how much I love this band so I'll stop now.
Sea Oleena: Charlotte Oleena Oozes etherealness her album "Sea Oleena" is the most beautiful thing that I have heard in a long time.
Snowbird: featuring ex Cocteau bassist Simon Raymonde and the most ethereal vocals of Stephanie Dosen. I can't wait for their album to be released. I have heard a couple of tracks already and they are just bliss.

8. Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
I'm sorry to say, I hate covers... I just don't see the point in them I would rather create something new. I think covers are like some sort of talentless Karaoke machined monster trying to fuck it's way to stardom on the back of someone elses hard work.

9. Q: What´s the plans for future....
I would like to work over the interweb with a Female vocalist to add a new depth to the recordings Other than that, bang out a couple of new ep's. I am also in the process of putting video to some new material.

10. Q: Any parting words?
yeah, thank you for this opportunity to get some air,
big hugs to all in Sao Paulo,
Eat your greens and be kind to all animals
Peace and love.
Thanks Gerry