terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2013

Reconstruction of the Fables with Slowness - An Interview

Secretos favoritos do TBTCI, secretos no que tange a preciosidade da música do Slowness, confesso que estava extremamente ansioso pelo debut, depois da entrevista na ocasião de seu EP Hopeless for Otherwise, eis que meu grande amigo Geofrey Scott me presenteia com com o esperado debute
For Those Who Wish to See the Glass Half Full, delirantemente shoegazer, como deve ser, ah sim, lindísimo, belíssimo, majestoso, sem mais adjetivos, o negócio é saborear cada uma das oito músicas presentes nesta epopéia que me remete aos saudoso tempos da Scene.

Fiz uma breve entrevista com Geofrey agora a pouco pra exemplificar o que é este For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full, simplesmente soberbo.

***** Interview with Slowness *****

Q. How do you describe Slowness sounds?
A: It's a little hard for me to describe the sounds. I'm a bit too close to it all, and inside of it, to describe it well. But I suppose that our favorite influences come out in the music. We were all obsessed with early REM, the Smiths, and the Cure when we were coming of age, and a little later with bands like Stereolab, Cocteau Twins and Ride, so I think there's no way that those bands don't come through subconsciously when we're making a record. We don't try to sound like any of them. It just happens that way because it's in our blood.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording For Those Who Wish to See the Glass Half Full?
A: We started basic tracking about two years ago. After a few months, we realized it wasn't working so well, so we went back to the drawing board and re-recorded most of the songs from scratch. A lot of our songs change from the time they are conceived until the time they are born. We do a lot of rewriting, editing and re-recording. We drive Monte, our producer, a little nuts with our process, so we ended up taking the sessions and some microphones up to Julie's apartment to do last minute changes in her hallway. So about five percent of the record was done at home. But the rest was done with Monte at Ruminator Audio in San Francisco.

Q: About the song lyrics, what´s the influences behind them?
A: They are a bit personal, but not completely autobiographical. I suppose the themes surround depression (both personal and social), self-preservation, protection, contrition, digital addiction, greed and... well... trying to see the glass half full.

Q: What´s the plans for the future?
A: We're planning a European tour that will start in June. We like to change up our live act, and don't always like to play as a loud rock band, so we're considering doing pared down shows with only a guitar and an accordion. The songs actually translate pretty well that way. We'd like to play in small, quiet venues with no microphones, or in galleries, or in underground speakeasies that ban cell phones, or in caves or living rooms.

Q: Any parting words?
A: We're looking forward to coming to Brazil. We'll try to bring the whole band with us for that one.
Thanks Geoffrey