terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

No Love Lost with Teenage Sin Taste - Track by Track


Teenage Sin Taste ou Wil Sintaste, é sócio de carteirinha do TBTCI já não é de hoje, seguindo a trilha aberta por SVI, Bloody Knives e The KVB, o TST após alguns eps espetaculares, bem com o debute Amonst Transparent Blue, novo altamente sugestivo para os iniciados ao TBTCI.

O ponto é que Wil pega as 10 canções de Blue e torna todas uma verdadeira metralhadora de loops em altissima rotação, electro noise dark shoegazer em estado bruto e agressivo, com participação em algumas musicas do Lost Rivers Phil, o negócio fica mais maquiavélico ainda.

Wil manda, no TBTCI e sugeriu um "track by track" do album e logicamente que concordei na hora, e não é que a track by track já estava pronta!!!!!Wil sabe das coisas e sabe como as coisas funcionam no TBTCI, então, só quero fechar com o seguinte, certamente pouquissimas pessoas darão o devido credito a esse esporro chamado Almonst Transparent Blue, mas é simples, o Teenage Sin Taste merece destaque facilmente em qualquer publicação que se diga alternativa, aqui é musica de terrorista mesmo, feita pra poucos insanos e dementes.

Wil Sintaste talks about "Almonst Transparent Blue"

Track by Track

About revenge. One of the first track written as an instrumental demo (with Cold Star) for this album… I spent weeks and months being unable to write a single note for TST, too busy with the other projects I'm involved in, such as Rapido de Noir, Curl and my friend Alex Sindrome. And then it goes this, made in 2 hours...

A very personal song about the relationship with Charlotte my 12 years old daughter… We see each other not often because of the distance, and at the time of departure, it's a real tearing…

About frustration. "Almost Transparent Blue" should have been a 9 songs album, it was completely finished, but this one appeared, recorded in only 3 or 4 hours, as ever improvised on a drum loop, one bass, one guitar, another one, some noises, and it's done.

With Phil from The Lost Rivers on vocals. I knew The Lost Rivers from their "My Beatific Vision EP", Phil heard about TST through my Screen Vinyl Image remix (What you need), we've exchanged a few emails and then we stay in touch since a few months : I've done a remix for The Lost Rivers, I asked him if he wanted to sing on a TST track… We start a real friendship. I really like this guy…

About nightmares, when they seem to be so real, and when real life seems to be a nightmare.

The very very first complete song written for the album. I'm an insomniac person, I can sleep only 4 hours a night for a month or more, but the wheel turns and the lack of sleep makes me feel tired, nervous, everything bored me, but I can't sleep more anyway. This one is about that.

About violence brought by mental provocation. I worked maybe 4 or 5 years on this one, never satisfied. I don't really know if I love it yet… If I had more songs, this one probably ended up as a bad b-side.

The same thing for this song. The first demo was recorded when Teenage Sin Taste didn't have this name yet, 6 years ago… About the lack of self-confidence.

About people who play with feelings. This song appears on the "Sunday Lights 7''" but I really love it, so I wanted to be part of the album, just added some noises at the end…

I had the idea to finish the LP with a long and epic song. While I recorded the different parts, it seems natural to me to end in a total chaos and noise. So I asked once again to Phil if he could record some stuff like that, in a The Lost Rivers style. At this time it was an instrumental demo, so he also recorded the vocals with his very own personal lyrics.
Thanks Wil