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Pure Phrase with Electric Lion Sound Wave Experiment - An Interview


Detroit Rock City assim ficou conhecida a cidade que nos deu Iggy, os Stooges, MC5, e outras cositas mais, mas creio que o vulgo vai mudar, acrescente o termo "space", Detroit Space Rock City soa muito mais atual e e serve como berço e casa para uma daquelas bandas que tende a se tornar cultuada e seus seguidores sendo altamente ortodoxos, porque o Electric Lion Sound Wave Experiment joga em nossas mentes o alucinógeno e viajante Fade In, daqueles albuns encharcados de psicoledia, drones e repleto de paisagens coloridas e deslumbrantes, um genuino artefato descendente de BJM, Spacemen 3 e afins, ainda tem no caiderão do ELSWE, shoegazer clássico,

Pouquissimos irão chegar perto desta perola chamada Fade In, mas o TBTCI aposta que quem chegar tera sua passagem garantida para outras esferas, um dos grandes albuns lançados neste espetacular 2012.

Ah, curiosidade o TBTCI recebeu o album de presente de aniversário nesta ultima segunda feira, um deleite completo, e o minimo pra retribuir segue abaixo, entrevista com o ELSWE ou se você preferir Electrin Lion Sound Wave Experiment .

Boa Viagem,,,,,,,,,,,,

**** Interview with Electric Lion Sound We Experiment *****


Q. When did ELSWE start, tell us about the history…
im from detroit and ive played music with diffrent people in the band for years having three diffrent versions with 3 diffrent names and each one is diffrent…a band memeber gets tired of me or i get tired of him and we part ways ..but this line up is diffrent, were all on the same page as far as taste i record music under diffrent names and with diffrent people im obsessed with loud swells,i play loud music for years with my friends

Q: Who are your influences?
noise ,music ..the people i make music with they all have really good taste , i love 99.9% of what anton newcombe puts out i dig on evrything ...the smiths are fucking mindblowing ….mbv of course …RIDE drive blind is the one of the best songs of all time! but alot of times you dont hear it in the live or recorded versions of what we do we get lost on stage and turn into a strucutered noise wall sometimes guitar is at the front sometimes synth blah blah blah

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time..
i dont have just 5 but i ll give you more..Brian Jonestown masacare METHADRONE thats one of the greates albums ever ..Elliot Smith/self titled,The Smiths, meat is murder (big mouth strikes agian) listening to that right now gives me goose bumps,..mbv loveless ..ride drive blind is fuckin crucial man so hard swervedriver, jimi hendrix voodo soup a collection of songs from band of gypsies-fuckin essential!!!! so many i could talk for years

Q. How do you feel playing alive?
i love playing live we play loud very loud i love being able to sit and arrange vocals and songs as well

Q. How do you describe ELSWE sounds?
live very cavernous and thick at the same time i have 3 synths guitar and bass and everybody can make stupid crazy noises on there own,but we bring it togheter quite loud and then louder

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the new album?
we record on all diffrent kinds of equitment digital and analouge the 1st record i did was on reel to reel tape and my good friend robbie buxton from Carlot studios recorded with me ..what fallowed was diffrent projects alot of stuff that was recorded but never used a the album FADE IN is a result in a little over a year of me going to my guitar players house being super high laying down guitars and synths and writing. We are releaseing FADE IN with a 5 song self recorded and hand done sleves limted edition

Q. What´s represents the shoegazer classic era to the band?
if i understand the question correctly your asking what era do i identify the band with..seems to be a mix of the 80s 90s and modern

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
some bands that i play with.. pewter cub,oblisk, isles of esp, my favorite band right now is a place to bury strangers, also bands like spindrift but alot of these bands have been playing for awhile in the the underground but are some of the best bands of our generation

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Tribe called Quest Midnight Mauraders

Q: What´s the plans for future….
keep on making noise,music, touring keep trying to reach audio nirvana

Q: Any parting words?
sleeping is the cousin of death
Thanks Guys